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AWCOA products and services

Guards and Safety Products

AWCOA, Inc. provides industry with a number of different solutions for guarding equipment and machinery. From aluminum inlet guards for 12 foot diameter blowers used in the mining industry, to modular safety screens used to guard automotive assembly lines, we can provide the correct solution to all of your safety concerns. Our capabilities in this arena are not limited to the use of wire. We manufacture the end product from sheet metal, expanded metal, tubular framing, angle iron, or any material that you specify. Our experience in this area is unparalleled.

Window guards, sky light covers and railing panels are always made to fit the exact opening in a variety of wire thicknesses and mesh openings to satisfy any special needs.

Our belt guards can be constructed in almost any shape or size.

AWCOA products and services AWCOA products and services

Coating Racks & Carriers

Coating racks & industrial conveyor carriers can be manufactured to your exact specifications, or provide us with a sample part and we can design a cost-effective solution for you!

AWCOA products and services AWCOA products and services

Shelves & Racks

We straighten & cut steel, stainless, and galvanized wire for whatever needs that you may have. Each piece can be up to 10' in length and anywhere from 1/8" to 3/8" in diameter. No job is too small or too big; we stock large quanties of wire to serve your needs quickly and turn around your order in a minimal amount of time.

Wire Straightening & Cutting

Shelves, trays and racks made to order -- from either welded or woven wire -- for a variety of purposes including drying, dehydrating, and storage.